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What is a BCC?

Our BCC, or Bottom Coil Cartomizer, is a refillable tank style cartomizer with the e-liquid wick on the bottom of the tank designed to handle ANY viscosity liquid you use. From ultra thin liquids (high terpenes etc.) to medium viscosity e-liquids to super thick oils, the Eco-Safe coil handles them with ease. The bottom wick configuration keeps the wick in constant contact with your e-liquid. Refilling the tank saves money as there are no more cartridges to buy. The wick on the bottom is always wet to eliminate burnt tasting vapor & e-liquid waste. A continuously wet wick provides the best possible vapor while greatly extending the life of your heating coil.

What is a Mini BCC?

The Eco Safe Freedom Mini BCC is just like other BCC units, only smaller. At 7/16 in. thick, it's the smallest BCC available anywhere. The micro size combines a smaller e-cigarette with the convenience and cost benefits associated with using a BCC. 50% smaller than a standard BCC , The Freedom Mini is easy to carry and holds a full 1.2ml e-liquid. Newly available is the Eco-Safe Mini Tank with a 0.6 ml capacity.

Why Buy An Eco Safe Mini BCC Starter Kit?

Other brands have no interest in product quality. Owned by tobacco companies , they're only concern is profit margin - buy the cheapest product and sell for the highest price to satisfy stock holders. Eco-Safe is the exact opposite. We designed each component of our e-cig to be not only better than the rest but to set the new standard for Vape Pen quality. Eco Safe Vape Pens can even handle the thickest oils and liquids.

What Makes The Eco Safe Mini BCC Vape Pen Kit Better?

Eco Safe Mini BCC Dabber TAnkMini BCC (Also Works As Dabber Tank)

Developing the Mini BCC was quite a challenge. We wanted a BCC as it eliminates the need to purchase cartridges, provides superior vapor that NEVER tastes burnt, wastes ZERO e-liquid and extends the life of the coil . Currently available BCC's are quite large so we developed the Mini BCC cutting the size of the e-cig in half.

Eco Safe Mini BCC BatteryBattery

Designing the battery, our top priority was safety . That's why the Eco-Safe 320 mAh battery has a premium, safety circuit built in to eliminate electrical grounds and shorts . We have the same protection built into our charger . Double safety protection is an added cost but is well worth the peace of mind knowing your e-cig is safe. An vape pen battery that doesn't have short and safety protection built in is much less expensive but more prone to failure. Ground outs and short circuits are the number one reason for e-cigarette failures and injuries.

Eco Safe Mini Dabber Coil

Coil Works With Even The Thickest Liquids & Oils (Also Works As Dabber Coil)

After reducing its size, we further refined the standard heating coil. We use polished copper connections on the coil and battery ensuring optimal electrical conductivity. Next, we designed a new heating coil stem gasket that eliminates leakage and will not come loose during use, filling or replacement. Also, we re- designed the internal components to handle ANY viscosity liquid you use. From ultra thin liquids (high terpenes etc.) to medium viscosity e-liquids to super thick oils, the Eco-Safe coil handles them with ease. Lastly, our coils use premium RoHS certified, lead free wire and solder. These features cost considerably more but are well worth it when considering the increased performance, safety and life expectancy of your e-cig coil and battery.

Technology By Eco Safe